Nysaa Retail Private Limited, the holding company of 1-India Family Mart, the fastest growing Value Retail Chain in India, was established in 2012 with a vision of providing Fresh and Affordable Fashion and General Merchandise to its customers. The Value Retail Chain began operations in 2013.

The company established its first store in Uttar Pradesh and soon expanded operations across Bihar, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, Uttarakhand, Madhya Pradesh, Odisha and the North East. Currently, 1-India Family Mart has 100 stores across 13 State of India.

1-India Family Mart is committed to providing the latest range of affordable fresh fashion apparels, lifestyle products and general merchandise to its customer across India.

Being an idea-driven firm with customer centricity at the core of its operations, 1-India Family Mart is probably the only value retail chain that uses big data to analyze buying habits and trends, to be the first in the market to come up with innovative lifestyle products and general merchandise at the most affordable prices.

From a handful of employees in 2013 to close to 1600 employees today, the company has one of the lowest attrition rates in the retail industry. 1-India Family Mart is committed towards incorporating global best practices across the organization.

The brand is dedicated towards corporate governance, employment generation and skill training and is working along with multiple nodal agencies.

Our Mission

Our mission at 1-IndiaFamilyMart is to provide fashionable, stylish & affordable clothing and lifestyle accessories to our esteemed customers. We promise to offer our customer, option and choices to solve their fashion problems at affordable pricing.

Our Vision

To be an organization that is committed to providing products at a level of excellence that exceeds every retail standard, at best price. We will accomplish this by creating an environment that encourages and rewards our employees on reaching our full potential, and puts emphasis on both competition and equality.

Our Strategy

With the fast socio-economic changes in India, the distance between the urban and rural India is decreasing day by day. These changes increase the demand of the Indian consumers. This motivates Indian retailer to plan a strategy to fulfill the requirements of the Indian consumers.

With a growth strategy tempered with localization and an inclusive business model, NRPL is the only pure play local retailer poised to lead India’s consumption story with sustainable value creation.

NRPL’s multi-format retail strategy captures almost the entire consumption basket of Indian consumers. As modern retail drives new demand, efficiency and consumption in new categories, our strategy is based on our deep understanding of Indian consumers. We understand the varied buying behavior of the Indian consumer across regional ethnicity and are constantly innovating to craft strategies that address the subtle differences.

There are three basic strategies that NRPL aimed to proceed: sustainable, inclusive and profitable growth.

Our retail thrust is focused on our business verticals of Fashion, General Merchandise and Home. These categories together account for nearly 65% of the consumption in the country and represent mass consumer aspirations. Acknowledging this, we are creating retail pure play through divestment and demerger of non-retail businesses to concentrate our efforts on these verticals.

India’s retail is being driven by resurgence in the economy. Modern retail still has around 6% share of the total retail spend in the country that is estimated at around the US $400 billion. Thus, the potential for modern retail growth in India is huge. Currently, leading retailers in mature markets occupy the top three slots by turnover, employment and value creation. As Indian economy matures with time, it’s up to Industry to make the same happen across the country.

Customer Centric:
NRPL think and understand that the demand of the customer changes with the time and the fashion. To meet the expectation of the Indian consumers, we always oriented towards Innovation. We think strategies and realign businesses with increasing ability to provide diverse customer groups with refreshingly different retail experiences.

Collaborative transformation:
We at NRPl, always collaborate with the leading manufacturers and suppliers to strengthen our ranges and offerings of the products that help us in creating immense value for our customers which in turn fosters mutual growth.

NRPL firmly believes our core responsibility lies in providing protection to customers from the overall rate of inflation. While the scale and size of our operations help us improve efficiencies, it also ensures we deliver greater value to our customers.

Big Data Analytics:
As a retail company which having physical stores, it’s very hard to collect and analyze effectively its customers data in the way to predict their buying behavior and accordingly organize its Digital campaigns. 1 India Family Mart, already starts the Big Data Analytics division to capture and use effectively the customer’s data to do next level, customer centric marketing in Retail.


Nysaa’s supply partners are our greatest competitive advantage in the value retail industry. Our commitment to creating successful business partnerships built on mutual trust, transparency, fair business practices and respect across the entire value chain by combining our strengths and capabilities and developing micro-enterprise models.

From sourcing to distribution, Nysaa engages with varied supply partners, jointly sharing insights, promoting brands, creating new products, expanding the combined capacity and developing new markets. Nysaa believes in creating economic benefits for all our partners and establishing a beneficial relationship.


At Nysaa Retail Private Ltd., our success is resultant of the highest standards of corporate governance we follow with the people we work, the communities we serve, and the environment we impact.

To encourage sustainable, profitable growth, our belief is to create long-term value for all our people, business partners, customers and shareholders. We place high emphasis on using the best practices in corporate governance and ensuring a firm financial stewardship.

Nysaa Retail is a process driven organisation where big data is analysed and utilized for effective strategic and business decision making. The brand believes in a fair and transparent approach in all our relationships with our partners and stakeholders.